Specializing in traditional New Orleans jazz, Le Dixieband has, from the start, offered a concert program featuring six musicians. The selections performed are drawn from the immense repertoire of the 'twenties, including several standards sung with soul to spare by the band's top-flight drummer.

Le Dixieband's concert program makes a perfect fit for outdoor stages and indoor halls, large and small. Any hall with minimal amplification facilities can accomodate an on-stage show that's sure to please everyonečand have them dancing in the aisles. The program, as short or as long as the broadcaster or promoter wishes, is punctuated by a finely-honed and humor-filled presentation of each piece by our ace trombonist.

For more than twenty-five years now, Le Dixieband's shows have been generating the kind of high-voltage energy we associate with an era when music was queen!


Youth Show

Length : 55 minutes
Recommended Age : 8 to 14
Maximum Andience Size : 400 people
Available in English or French version

The ageless, electrifying music of Le Dixieband recalls the festive atmosphere of the early years of the 20th century, when the New Orleans and Dixieland styles emerged. The show focuses on the songs, dances and dreams of this coloured period, as a lively old lady called Miss New Orleans relives he young, carefree years. Like a gramophone that takes us back in time, Miss introduces the audience to her marvellous memories, as she recounts the legends of Blues, Charleston, Shimmy and Scat music. A magical , rhythmical show that is educational, but also exciting and nostalgia-filled, and that will enchant the whole family!

Since 2002, Le Dixieband's youth show is part of the catalogue of concerts presented by the Jeunesses Musicales of Canada.

Pieces interpreted during the show:

- Black Bottom Stomp
- Once in a While
- East St. Louis Toodle-Ooh!
- Basin Street Blues
- High Society
- Medley : Star Wars, Mission : impossible, Woody Woodpecker , Yogi Bear, Passe-partout, Bugs Bunny, Ho Suzanna!, Caillou, The Simpsons, La Vache, The Flinstones.
- The Sheik of Arabia
- Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
- Heebie Jeebies
- China Boy
- Limehouse Blues
- Oh When the Saints!


Alongside its concert performances, Le Dixieband also offers programs based on musical material drawn from the immense repertoire of traditional New Orleans jazz with a lively running commentary.

Where no amplification is necessary, the group can be totally flexible in responding to clients' needs and expectations. It can change location during the course of a show (on parade).

An extraordinary variety of clients has delighted in Le Dixieband for festivities and activities ranging from cocktail parties and weddings to sporting and recreational events, from open-houses to street parades. The Dixieband menu features musicial selections for every occasion, and for every tastečwith a broad smile for those special requests.