A standout on this traditional jazz instrument, Luc Bouchard studied music at Alma Cegep, l'Institut Trebas and Musitechnic. As president and founding member of Le Dixieband, Luc Bouchard is a yearly attraction at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. He has devoted the last five years to compiling the traditional New Orleans jazz repertoire, and is arguably the leading authority on music of the 'twenties and 'thirties. This stellar performer often trades his banjo for a mandoline.
A trained trombonist, Richard Turcotte studied at Alma Cegep before going on to Concordia University. As a member of Le Dixieband since 1985, Richard Turcotte has been a featured participant in such shows as Les années disco and Party Hommage aux Colocs. He has recorded with Gary Comeau and Jescze Raz. In his capacity as a teacher, he shares his enthusiasm for the trombone with his students at the Jean-Rainbult Cegep, in Drummondville, and at the Camp musical d'Asbestos (1998-1999). Since 1985, he has been a regular participant at the Montreal International Jazz Festival with La Bande à Magoo and Le Dixieband.
  BRUNO LAMARCHE (Clarinet, saxophone)
On completing his B.A. in jazz interpretation at McGill University, where we was awarded the Marion Magor Memorial Scholarship and the James McGill Award, Bruno Lamarche has pursued a wide-ranging musical career that has seen him perform in New York, Toronto, and across Québec. He has had the honor of accompanying such luminaries as Guido Basso, Joel Millier, Oliver Jones, Vic Vogel, the klezmer group Raoul, Chris McCann and Bernard Primeau. Bruno has also received grants from the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, and has passed on his passion for jazz to the younger generation as a teacher at André-Laurendeau and Le Boisé comprehensive high schools, and at the Camp musical d'Asbestos.
  ARON DOYLE (Trumpet)
After studying music at the University of British Columbia and at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Aron Doyle took his B.A. in jazz interpretation at Montreal's McGill University. Since 1995 he has performed with several of Canada's outstanding jazz artists, including Vic Vogel, Bernard Primeau, Dave Turner and the Altsys Jazz Orchestra. A founder of the FACT jazz quartet, and a member of the No Name Sextet and the Effendi Jazz Lab, this talented trumpet player has been a mainstay of Le Dixieband since 1999.
  JEFF SIMONS (Drums, voice)
Jeffrey Simons began to play the drums in 1967, at age ten. In 2001, he completed his B.A. in jazz interpretation at McGill. A man of many talents, with a passionate interest in the history of music, and of drumming in particular, his career spans singing, theatre, blues (Big Mama Thornton, Buddy Guy, Eddie Vinson) and jazz. A fixture on the Montreal jazz scene, he has been a sidesman for artists like Charlie Biddle, Oliver Jones and Vic Vogel. Jeff Simons has been a member of Le Dixieband since 1994.
  JEAN SABOURIN (Sousaphone)
After completing two B.A. degrees (one in trumpet playing at Concordia University, the other in music teaching at the Université du Québec à Montréal [UQAM]), Jean Sabourin continued his training at Musitechnic in coputer assisted sound conception. As a sousaphone player, he has been a fixture for the last twenty years on local and international stages, with groups like TUYO, Tap Souza, Les Projectionnistes, the Orkestre des Pas Perdus and Asa Misi Nasa. Jean Sabourin has participated in no fewer than twenty sound recordings, and has been a member of Le Dixieband since 1987.
  MARIELLE GRENIER (Actrice, lead role in A Journey to Dixieland)
Multi-talented Marielle Grenier has shone on the stage, as a singer, and as a leader for childrens' creative workshops. In addition to her studies in theatre at the University of Ottawa, she has participated in a series of intensive workshops touching on acting, staging, musical comedy and on-camera performance. Since 1990, she has performed on stage and on television, and as a story-teller and childrens' workshop leader. She has written and staged four plays, two of which were performed by young people. Marielle Grenier joined Le Dixieband in 2002, where she plays the role of Miss New Orleans in the group's special childrens' show.