Since 1980, Le Dixieband has been bringing bright new shadings, vitality and intensity to the redhot strains and the hard-driving rhythms of traditional New Orleans jazz. Its dynamic, seasoned musicians have set themselves apart from similar groups by their one-of-a-kind mastery of a unique repertoire performed in the purest down-home style.

The six-player strong (banjo, trombone, clarinet, trumpet, drums and sousaphone) Le Dixieband has won a reputation for the musical quality and liveliness of its arrangements, for a crowd-pleasing style that blends humor with verve, for its drive and dapper period costumes. Its three CDs pay scintillating tribute to the music of the twenties, infectious music that sets toes tapping and brings smiles to faces everywhere: the sound people love to discover... and rediscover.

Two Le Dixieband touring shows are currently available: a concert program for general audiences, and, since 2002, a childrens' program entitled A Journey to Dixieland . A fast-paced, humorous running commentary is also available on demand.

Le Dixieband has been a frequent guest at musical events, national and international festivals, as its press kit eloquently testifies. Don't wait! Get in touch with us to learn more about our special package deals and availability.

We look forward to playing for you!

 Le Dixieband

Contact :

Luc Bouchard

4009 Parthenais

Montréal (Québec)

H2K 3T8

(514) 523-6950

    Jean : (514)  821-6796  

Richard : (819) 475-4248 Cell: (514) 770-4248

  All photographs from Martine Saint-Pierre

Every sunday
11:00 - 3:00

Le Dixieband

Dièze Onze
4115a St-Denis
Bar / Brunch


7 - 8 July

Casino de Montréal

Marching band

4:15 / 8:00


Our 4th CD is now available here.

Last updated on:

 July 03 2016